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Gulf Greyhound Park.

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The largest greyhound racing facility in America is right here in La Marque, on I-45 between Houston and Galveston. Gulf Greyhound Park is owned and operated by Gulf Greyhound Partners Ltd. Since 1992, GGP has been the world’s largest greyhound racing operation and has provided a variety of entertainment for race fans from Texas’ Gulf Coast and all over the world.

Live world-class greyhound racing and pari-mutuel wagering are offered year-round, rain or shine. Along with a live schedule, Gulf Greyhound Park also features simulcast racing, both greyhounds and horses, from the nation’s top tracks, everyday – seven days a week – beginning at 11 am. The quarter-mile track is made up of a sand composition surface. Races are run from distances of 3/16 = 330 yds, 5/16 = 550 yds, 3/8 = 660 yds and 7/16 = 770 yds.

Many featured events and specials promise to deliver the fun and excitement that only pari-mutuel racing can offer. Gulf Greyhound Park gives the greyhound and horse racing fan the ability to wager, watch and win, all at the same facility.

While cheering for your favorite greyhound or horse, one is encouraged to try a choice of the many dining experiences or take advantage of the drink specials all over the park. The style of food offered at Gulf Greyhound Park varies from pizza, burgers and hot dogs on the first floor to elegant dining in the Terrace Clubhouse on the second floor.

Alongside all the value, Gulf Greyhound Park promises fun and excitement and delivers in the form of competitive greyhound racing. While at the park, treat yourself and go track side — where you’re always welcome — and experience the speed of these greyhounds first-hand. With these greyhound athletes reaching speeds up to 44 mph; one won’t believe the sounds and sights of these special athletes at their best. Visit the adoption office in the lobby and see why the greyhounds are such great pets to adopt. Gulf Greyhound Park leads the nation in their adoption services.

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  • Client Gulf Greyhound Park
  • Date March 28, 2014
  • Tags Greyhound
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