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Pimlico Race Course.

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Pimlico today welcomes racegoers arriving by car, limousine, and even helicopter, as graciously as those who visited when “Old Hilltop” was reached primarily by horse-drawn vehicle, over 130 years ago. During its rich history, the racetrack has enjoyed being the only track in the United States to be honored by the adjournment of the U.S. House of Representatives for the first and only time in history in 1877 to watch a race between Parole, Ten Broeck and Tom Ochiltree. The race became known as “The Great Race,” and a reproduction of its finish is immortalized as a Pimlico trademark, adorning the clubhouse as a signal to all entering that Pimlico is a place where legends will endure forever.

En route to becoming a true national treasure, Pimlico has earned its patina of age, weathering small and major wars, recessions, depressions — including the Great Depression of the 1930’s — fires, storms . .. . .. . and the simple passage of time. Its vitality has spanned many an era, representing a time and a society now involving three centuries. More than 50 years ago, the youthful president of the Maryland Jockey Club, Alfred G. Vanderbilt, made a pertinent observation that remains today, as Pimlico moves into another century: “Pimlico is more than a dirt track bounded by four streets. It is an accepted American institution, devoted to the best interests of a great sport, graced by time, respected for its honorable past.”

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  • Client Pimlico Race Course
  • Date March 28, 2014
  • Tags Thoroughbred
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