Meet Our Team

Joel Rosenzweig - President & CEO

Joel represents the 3rd generation of our family owned and operated company.  He has over 40 years of experience in racing.  In 1987, he, along with Ron Couturier and Bill Stoddard, expanded our company to include photo finish services in addition to our trademarked timing systems.  Joel is also responsible for bringing the first digital COLOR photo finish systems to the United States.  In 1999 Joel further expanded our company by starting our CCTV division.  This led to the acquisition of two well-established companies, Eye In The Sky Inc. & Photo Trackmaster Inc. and the addition of valuable employees to our company. 

Ron Couturier, Executive VP & COO

Ron has more than 40 years of experience in the racing industry.  He has designed and built our custom, proprietary solid-state timers to be the most accurate and reliable in the industry.  His engineering background also provides him with a vast knowledge of photo finish & CCTV systems and designs.  He is often consulted in construction and design elements of new racetracks being built throughout North America.  He has directly designed and overseen the installation of our Teletimer® timing system at harness and thoroughbred racetracks, including multiple turf course running lanes on thoroughbred racetracks.  These projects over the last 40+ years are too numerous to list here.  References are available upon request.  Let it be noted that there is no one else anywhere with as much experience in designing and implementing racetrack timing systems and integrating them with other racetrack systems including CCTV.


Eric Barthelemy – Senior Vice President

Eric Barthelemy has over 30 years of experience in the racing TV Production and A/V fields.  He has designed and engineered dozens of TV Production systems and A/V systems for racetracks, race books and OTB’s all throughout the country.  His systems are proven to be efficient and reliable and work for many years with extremely low failure rates.  Eric has overseen projects ranging in size from a small TV Production system and OTB with approximately 40 displays, to multimillion-dollar TV control rooms and studios with OTB’s that have over 300 displays.  No matter what size the project is, he knows how to efficiently and smoothly manage it and meet all deadlines.


Matt Rosenzweig – GM of Corporate Operations

Matt Rosenzweig has over 10 years of experience in the pari-mutuel racing industry.  In that time, he has worked dozens of projects ranging from timing & photo finish installations, TV Production Installations, and A/V - Sportsbook projects.  He is very familiar with the logistics that are involved in each of these projects.  In addition to these responsibilities, Matt also runs our HR and Accounting Departments.

Phil Couturier - Systems Engineer

With more than 15 years of experience in the racing industry, Phil Couturier has become our "go-to" guy for all networking and IT related projects.  This knowledge has also assisted him in designing some of the most stable and reliable photo finish systems in operation today.

Ford Cook - Director of Field Operations

Ford brings 40 years of experience in the racing industry to our team.  In this time he has served in many roles including Operations Director for Eye in The Sky Inc., Jones Precision, & Photo Trackmaster Inc., all previously prestigious racing service companies.  This position gave him great experience in CCTV, security, video, photo finish and timing.  In 1993, Ford became the Assistant to the President and Operations Supervisor for Teleview Racing Patrol.  Here his responsibilities included overseeing the television, uplink, security video and photo finish departments.  He was extremely active in CCTV installations during his 13 years with Teleview Racing Patrol.  In 2008, Ford brought all this knowledge and experience to American Teletimer Corp. and since then has been actively involved in all the racing services that we provide.  His knowledge and attention to detail make him a great fit with us and a true asset to our team.

John Niebler - Field Operations

John Niebler has over 23 years of experience in the pari-mutuel racing industry.  In that time, he has worked with all portions of A/V at various facilities.  He has managed teams of employees in excess of 100 and knows how to make sure the employees working below him are on task to complete the job at hand.  With John’s vast experience at multiple gaming facilities, he has intimate knowledge of how to integrate with various departments in the facility, that are unique to the gaming and racing industry.